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Artist Spotlight: Vadis Turner

Interviewed by Lillian Klein

I synthesize the practice of painting with feminist materials. Hand-dyed and up-cycled layers of domestic textiles are translated into brushstrokes. Marks are hand sewn onto woven foundations, canvas or fixed in resin. The compositions merge female characters with storied landscapes and contrasting elements, revealing the underbelly of the female archetype.

Artist Spotlight: Sheila Smith

Interviewed by Lillian Klein

I started copying very good replicas of cartoons in the Sunday newspapers. I was seven years old. I didn’t make a conscious decision, but I loved drawing them.

Artist Spotlight: Laurie Reid

Interviewed by Lillian Klein

I find those moments when the unconscious becomes conscious, or the latent becomes visible and palpable very exciting.  I’m turned on by the unexpected, especially when I suddenly realize it’s something that’s actually been with me all along.

Artist Spotlight: Matthew Jensen

Interviewed by Lillian Klein

The smallest components of a landscape, the grains of sand in a stone, specks of lichen, hairs on a flower petal, all of a sudden these things become visible and important.