Four Passports

Director: Mihajlo Jevtic
Documentary, 83’, 2016, Serbia
Friday July 14, 1.15pm, CCA: Centre for Contemporary Arts


Synopsis: This film is a story of immigration and identity after the dissolution of former Yugoslavia, as seen through the eyes of filmmaker Mihajlo Jevtic. It follows the period of transition of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia into today’s Serbia and Mihajlo’s transition from a child into a middle aged man. It is a film made by a man who is about to leave his country for good and about the contents of his immigrant’s suitcase. Story about one country and four passports, a farewell that was in the making for 25 years. Combining the present-day footage, his family’s Super 8 home videos and animation, Mihajlo reflects on growing up in a society that has been falling apart.

About the filmmaker: Mihajlo Jevtić was born in 1978 in Belgrade. He studied at the French school for documentary directors Atelier Varan Paris. His previous works include three fiction shorts and three short documentaries. Since 2008, Mihajlo has been teaching filmmaking at the Belgrade Academic Film Center (screenwriting, fiction & documentary direction). In 2012, he founded the production company Film the World, which specialises in low budget creative projects and film education. Four Passports is his first feature-length documentary.





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