Short Films: Western Promises

Wednesday July 12, 3.15 pm, CCA: Centre for Contemporary Arts

A selections of short films from Eastern Europe. Untold stories of men, women, and families; their mission to embrace the change and fight for the unknown while nostalgically reminiscing all those unkept promises from the past.


Felicita by Yannis Zafiris / Greece, 10′, 2016
On a barren wintry scenery, an abandoned football field, unravels the story of a man, a woman and a child. The man and woman withdraw inside a car, while the child remains outside, despite the cold, kicking a ball. When man’s efforts for reconciliation fail, woman and child come closer together.








Wall by Maya Tsamprou / Greece, 13’, 2015
Friday afternoon. Nine people before a wall. Waiting. Who has the right to see?










Hominid by Alexandros Salimis / Greece, 20′, 2017
A peaceful and rational man turns into a beast when he is pressured by his working environment and the staff.










Monica by Dimitris Argyriou / Germany, 5’, 2016
Monica wanted to become a hair dresser when she was young. Things went wrong. This is her story. Based on a real interview with a human trafficking victim.








Invisible by Kostas Gerampinis / Greece, 30’, 2016
Theodore is a lonely 25-year-old who spends his days working out. When he signs up to a new gym, he meets Vicky, a 30-year-old trainer. He tries to claim her attention as he struggles with his shame, image and repressed libido.









Bus 43 by Alexis Lazaridis / Greece, 16’, 2015
The film deals with the story of a wealthy man who makes a “journey” incidentally with the public bus of the line, where he encounters some moments of his life that have marked his past. More specifically, he contacts with the bus passengers, who are reminiscent of his past at the most crucial periods of his life. Ηis closest passenger is an old ragamuffin, who operates as a deus ex machine, by giving him advices and holding a different attitude than usual. The ragamuffin releases this man from the oppression.







Spectrum by Dimitris Gkotsis / Greece, 12′, 2015
Spectrum is used to classify something in terms of it’s position on a scale between two extreme points. Documenting a slice in the life of five diferent people living in the heart of the city of Athens and the power relations between them. Priorities entwined, leading to misunderstandings and finally the absolute brutality.









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