Consortium on Forced Migration


Forced migration is one of the global challenges that shape our present and future, along with the related issues of climate change, structural exclusion, and poverty. In early 2016, Bard College (through its campuses in Annandale and Berlin), Bennington College, Sarah Lawrence College, Vassar College, and the Council for European Studies(CES) joined forces to found the Consortium on Forced Migration, Displacement, and Education (CFMDE), which later came to also include the New School. By educating future generations of professionals and leaders about the challenges facing those forced from their homes and by expanding educational access for young people who have experienced forced displacement, the CFMDE aims to demonstrate how higher education institutions can develop democratic structures that address sweeping challenges such as forced migration. These challenges are far-reaching, thus it is vital to pool resources and expertise. 

The CFMDE uses this space as a “digital classroom” to share educational resources and further conversations and actions at higher education institutions around the world. The videotaped lectures, curated multimedia bibliographies, and EuropeNow features devoted to forced migration can augment syllabi or public displays and events to generate more informed and productive—and less hostile—conversations about forced migration. 

The CFMDE is grateful to the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation for its generous support.


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