About Campus

EuropeNow Campus is the teaching- and training-focused corner of EuropeNow, which highlights how educators are engaging students with major research questions relating to Europe, gathers educational materials to give teachers innovative tools on a variety of critical topics, and runs interviews with students and educators who are erasing the gap between classroom learning and real-world impact. The projects, courses, and people in Campus all come from Council for European Studies member institutions, but EuropeNow intends for these pieces to serve as inspirations, models, or blueprints for educators of all stripes.

EuropeNow Campus is especially interested in projects that use the post-secondary classroom to make concrete contributions towards investigating and addressing pressing challenges that the world faces today–the global refugee crisis, climate change, health care inequality, to name a few. Colleges and universities have a key role to play, not just through research, but by helping students learn how to engage critically and responsibly with the world around them. Profiles are not advertisements for teachers or projects with grandiose but abstract goals. Rather, they dig into the crux of how educators successfully implemented a new idea for a learning project at their institutions, as well as concrete outcomes.

In addition to highlighting projects, EuropeNow Campus will regularly post syllabi and reading lists to introduce readers to EuropeNow topics, and suggest how the pieces EuropeNow publishes can be used in educational settings.