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Home and (Be)Longing

Curated by Nicole Shea

The perception of a safe home is closely linked with the populist view that women’s “intended role” is at home, as dutiful wife and mother.

In Motion

Curated by Nicole Shea

This series features three Bulgarian-born artists who experienced the Iron Curtain and the fall of the Berlin Wall. Motion and movement connect the works.

Managed Futures

Curated by Nicole Shea

Depicting illusion, greed, and over-consumption, both artists wrestle with the impact that financial delusions have on the human psyche.

In Between and Far Above

Curated by Nicole Shea

These artists tackle stereotypes and prejudices, focusing on the cultural capital of immigration and the ambition for a better life.

Paradise Inn

By Marinos Tsagkarakis

This photo series aims to highlight the consequences of a massive and uncontrolled tourist development.

Artist Spotlight: Khatia Esartia

Interviewed by Lillian Klein

The piece I donated to the auction “Strange fruit” is the earlier piece in the series I based on the the fruit trees from my garden in Gagra. I paint them from memory as Gagra is part of an illegally occupied territory of Georgia by Russia. Most of the backyard has been destroyed and our home, like many other homes, was looted and burned.

Artist Spotlight: Vadis Turner

Interviewed by Lillian Klein

I synthesize the practice of painting with feminist materials. Hand-dyed and up-cycled layers of domestic textiles are translated into brushstrokes. Marks are hand sewn onto woven foundations, canvas or fixed in resin. The compositions merge female characters with storied landscapes and contrasting elements, revealing the underbelly of the female archetype.

Artist Spotlight: Sheila Smith

Interviewed by Lillian Klein

I started copying very good replicas of cartoons in the Sunday newspapers. I was seven years old. I didn’t make a conscious decision, but I loved drawing them.

Artist Spotlight: Laurie Reid

Interviewed by Lillian Klein

I find those moments when the unconscious becomes conscious, or the latent becomes visible and palpable very exciting.  I’m turned on by the unexpected, especially when I suddenly realize it’s something that’s actually been with me all along.

Artist Spotlight: Matthew Jensen

Interviewed by Lillian Klein

The smallest components of a landscape, the grains of sand in a stone, specks of lichen, hairs on a flower petal, all of a sudden these things become visible and important.

Sin + Illy Still Alive

Directed by Maria Hengge

Sin and Illy have a plan: on a Greek island they want to get ‘clean’ on their own. But the intention of the two girls fails already on the way to the airport. Finally Sin realizes she has to go the way out of heroin addiction all alone.

Short Films: Western Promises

By EuropeNow Film Festival

Untold stories of men, women, and families; their mission to embrace the change and fight for the unknown while nostalgically reminiscing all those unkept promises from the past.

The Islands and the Whales

Directed by Mike Day

The Faroese are among the first to feel the affects of our ever more polluted oceans. They have discovered that their beloved whales are toxic, contaminated by the outside world. What once secured their survival now endangers their children and the Faroe Islanders must make a choice between health and tradition.

Four Passports

Directed by Mihajlo Jevtic

This film is a story of immigration and identity after the dissolution of former Yugoslavia, as seen through the eyes of filmmaker Mihajlo Jevtic. It follows the period of transition of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia into today’s Serbia and Mihajlo’s transition from a child into a middle aged man. It is a film made by a man who is about to leave his country for good and about the contents of his immigrant’s suitcase.


Directed by Timothy George Kelly

A portrait of a democracy in all its impossible and ugly glory. With subtle force, yet without judgement, it presents the people of a once powerful empire as they negotiate their identities in a world that is changing faster than, ever and in which power appears to lie further and further from people’s own hands.