Flying with Seagulls & Sea Walking in Brittany

After a difficult 2020 year, Chesnel reinforced her belief that going outside was regenerative and ever-inspiring. Being forced to stay in her home country of France, she understood that sometimes, we don’t need to travel far away to marvel at wildlife and landscapes, to discover vibrant destinations, and face stunning scenes, like here: where seagulls fly above a stream of water at low tide, with incredible nuances of brown. The photos were taken in Plouescat, North Finistère, France in December 2020.





“Sea Activities in Brittany,” taken in Saint-Pol de Léon, Brittany, France, in December 2020 & September 2019


Blue swim in Brittany: Everyday people meet one the beaches to walk or to swim in the Manche. The temperature of the water varies between 18 and 11°C. The therapeutic effects of the water are many; they improve circulation and drain, eliminate toxins and also aid to counter water retention. It is strongly recommended not to have a shower right after this immersion in the iodine rich waters, in order to let the healing benefits work their magic and penetrate deeply into the skin. This aerial photo depicts a courageous couple languidly swimming near two sea water pools, whose water is constantly changing twice a day, thanks to the tides. December 2020.





Winter sea activities: This aerial photo depicts a courageous couple languidly swimming in the Manche, in December and a group of people wearing wetsuits and walking in the sea, defying its currents. The sea-walking, also known as “Longe-côte” in French, consists of walking with water up to the diaphragm. The practice is excellent for blood circulation. The sea allows exercising weightless so without any restraints of knee, ankle, especially for the lumbar area and the lower limbs, which gives a sensation of light legs after the activity. December 2020, Saint Pol de Léon – France


Magali Chesnel is a French artist, painter, and self-taught photographer. Born in Versailles and a native of Brittany, France, she now works in Geneva, Switzerland.


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