Short Films: Antiphysis

Thursday July 13, 2:00pm, CCA: Centre For Contemporary Arts


Now Appearing in Bucharest by Ro Lawrence / US / Romania, 4’, 2015 

Bucharest may or may not be the Paris of the East, but it certainly is a daily dance between history and the present. In this short experimental film a montage of concert posters announcing upcoming performances dance their inevitable passage into the past… a meditation on the precarity of the popular… loose change from a libidinal economy. 

View the trailer here.


Blaha Luisa Ter by Antonin Blanc / Hungary / 27’, 2016 

The National Theatre of Hungary no longer stands at the heart of Blaha Lujza square, yet the play continues… There is an invisible barrier that separates the stone faces of the passers by, the whispers of those who wait, and the music from the deep end of the square. At the crossroads of a heavy past and a bitter present, the daily grind and routine of the theatre continues to unfold. Will the masks ever fall and allow us to meet on the street? 

View the trailer here.


And around… and around… and around… (Processes of territorialisation, de-territorialisation, re-territorialisation) by Carlos Coelho Costa / Portugal, 4’, 2016 

Passing, whether physically or virtually, through space, is a process of the construction of knowledge, whose movements can be recognised as a practice of intertwining – performative movements that foster, in a certain space-time, the becoming of new orders; movements that are perceived as forms of territorialisation, de-territorialisation, re-territorialisation. Through the movement of territorialisation, a reordering of relationships with space is perceived, in the sense of an appropriation of the territory, whilst de-territorialisation is defined as a loss of relationships or of the signs of its appropriation. The movement of re-territorialisation presupposes the revisiting, or re-appropriation of the territory, giving back or attributing new meanings to it. “And around… and around…and around…” constitutes a body of experienced possibilities and in the meantime the possibility of new constructions. 


Antiphysis by Steve Vasiliou / Greece, 18′, 2016 

I asked ten-year-old students if there would be Elephants on Earth in one hundred years. Every single answer was “no”. The pictorial and musical journey of “Antiphysis” contrasts chaos with calm. This film invites viewers not only to watch and listen to music, but to feel, react, and think deeply about our very existence. What are we doing and why? Nature today is considered by many as an enemy to be ravaged. “Antiphysis” exposes this destruction by revealing greedy actions that endanger the future of all living things. As this film shows, for now our tiny Earth is the only home we have. 


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