Teaching Genocide

Syllabus: The Holocaust

By Nicholas Ostrum

This course examines themes of resistance and rescue, escape and survival, and perseverance and dignity in the face of the very worst that fascism, industrial modernity, and humanity had to offer.



Teaching about the Holocaust in Uncertain Times: An Interview with the US Holocaust Memorial Museum

Interviewed by Nicholas Ostrum

Holocaust Cinema Complete: A History and Analysis of 400 Films, with a Teaching Guide by Rich Brownstein

Reviewed by Gerd Bayer

Brownstein uses a “4+1” method to classify Holocaust films, differentiating between when a film takes place (during or after the Holocaust) and who the protagonist is (Jewish or Gentile).


Teaching Maus in an Age of Racial Panic and Reckoning

By Barry Trachtenberg

The January 10, 2022 decision by the McMinn County Board of Education in Tennessee to prohibit the teaching of Art Spiegelman’s graphic memoir Maus from its eighth grade (typically, thirteen-year-old students) curriculum set off a firestorm of media attention.




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