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The Myths of Western Civilization: Decolonizing and Queering European History

By Louie Dean Valencia-García

Spanning from antiquity, this course deconstructs the concept and history of “Western Civilization.” Through the study of primary and secondary sources, students will consider how history can be written to include oppressed and marginalized voices while still attempting to understand the broad scope of European history and its legacy.

Feminist Political Theory

By Nancy Love

This course examines the various types of feminist political theories that inform contemporary feminist politics.

Fat Talk: A Feminist Perspective

By Denise Martz

The purpose of this course is to take the contemporary social psychological phenomena of fat talk and body snarking to examine them through scientific and a feminist/political lens.

Health and Gender After Socialism by Michele Rivkin-Fish

By Michele Rivkin-Fish

This course examines the experiences of post-socialist countries as a means of understanding the relationship between political-economic, social, and cultural change, on the one hand, and public health and gender relations, on the other.

Knit Happens

By Ariane Simard

What happens when conscientious acts move from being merely a political practice to becoming something that resembles works that are more subtle and personal? What happens when an artist’s work veers into the political realm?

Race, Sex, and Colonialism

By Carina Ray

View this course syllabus for Race, Sex, and Colonialism from the History Department at Brandeis University.