The Dynamics of Oceans

This is part of our Campus Spotlight on the Global Water Initiative at the University of Virginia.


Studies the physical properties, processes, and structure of the oceans; mass and energy budgets; methods of measurements; and the nature and theory of ocean currents, waves, and tides in the open sea, near shore and in estuaries.


Ocean Circulation, Angela Colling (Ed.), The Open University*
Waves, Tides and Shallow-Water Processes, 2nd Edition, The Open University*

*Please note, these books are out of print and therefore the bookstore does not have them. However, they are widely available online.



Week of: Topic: Readings:
22 Jan Introduction: Earth-ocean-atmosphere system Ch. 1, Ocean Circulation
29 Jan The atmosphere and the ocean Ch. 2, Ocean Circulation
5 Feb Ocean currents Ch. 3, Ocean Circulation
12 Feb The major current systems Ch. 4-5, Ocean Circulation
19 Feb Global fluxes and deep circulation Ch. 6, Ocean Circulation
26 Feb Waves Ch. 1, Waves and Tides
5 March Spring recess (no classes) covers Ch. 1-6, Ocean Circ.
3 Mar Tides Ch. 2, Waves and Tides
10 Mar Mid-term exam
17 Mar Shallow water environments Ch. 3, Waves and Tides
24 Mar Sediment transport Ch. 4, Waves and Tides
31 Mar Beach dynamics Ch. 5, Waves and Tides
7 Apr Estuaries and coral reefs Ch. 6, Waves and Tides
14 Apr Deltas Ch. 7, Waves and Tides
21 Apr Shelf seas Ch. 8, Waves and Tides
28 Apr Review session for final exam
4 May


Published on December 11, 2018.


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