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Short Films: Western Promises

By EuropeNow Film Festival

Untold stories of men, women, and families; their mission to embrace the change and fight for the unknown while nostalgically reminiscing all those unkept promises from the past.

The Islands and the Whales

Directed by Mike Day

The Faroese are among the first to feel the affects of our ever more polluted oceans. They have discovered that their beloved whales are toxic, contaminated by the outside world. What once secured their survival now endangers their children and the Faroe Islanders must make a choice between health and tradition.


Directed by Timothy George Kelly

A portrait of a democracy in all its impossible and ugly glory. With subtle force, yet without judgement, it presents the people of a once powerful empire as they negotiate their identities in a world that is changing faster than, ever and in which power appears to lie further and further from people’s own hands.


Directed by David Sousa Moreau

A suspense and action film with a political and social plot, which many consider to be the first artistic work proposing an economic, political, and philosophical close-up on the European crisis.