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Ludic Placemaking

Curated by Hélène B. Ducros

Beyond offering a light, playful, and enchanted spatial experience, these works embody the will to foster communication and propose a pause in the flow of urban life.

To Flee and to Dwell

Curated by Hélène B. Ducros

Helen Zughaib and Houda Kassatly are attentive to the everydayness of refugees’ experiences and to how families who have been forced to migrate attempt to cope.

C-art-ographic Dreamings

Curated by Hélène B. Ducros

In their treatment of shapes, contour lines, or colors, artists appropriate the cartographic instrument to give life to new forms and new meanings that elicit emotions.

In and Out Clouds

Curated by Hélène B. Ducros

By creating spatial continuity and playing with light, volumes, and temporalities, the artists fashion atmospheric moments and prompt unexpected place-based experiences.

Eurasian Past Presents

Curated by Hélène B. Ducros

Artists cross-examine Kazakh pasts and presents, positioning post-Soviet identities at the juncture of different timelines and questioning agency, resistance, and potential.

Exclusion, Isolation, Loneliness

Curated by Hélène B. Ducros

The artists succeed in making the urban poor and the homeless visible by challenging social indifference and mobilizing the public’s awareness.


Mobility, Home, and Belonging

Curated by Hélène B. Ducros

Whether migrants, refugees, descendants of migrants, or simply people from another place, the characters in these installations reveal their voids, fears, uncertainties, and hopes.

The Act of Living

By Eliza Bourner

Bourner’s work is informed by our cultural and psychological landscapes and how contemporary society’s dysfunctional values of materialism are at odds with our basic human needs.


By Simone Perolari

These are stories of migrants who dream of Europe, hoping to be welcomed, but who quickly understand that it will ultimately be an unwelcome.

A Sense of Place, Imprints of Iceland

By Charlotta María Hauksdóttir 

The physical space of landscapes can be closely tied to a person’s identity, sense of being, and infused with personal history. The composite, textured landscapes are a re-creation of…

Art in the Cinema

Curated by Nicole Shea

Each cinema hall is its own self-contained world with clearly defined boundaries, in colourful dialogue with the interior.

Land Art Generator

By Various Artists

Works of art in civic space distribute clean energy and provide other sustainable services to buildings and the utility grid while beautifying the built environment.


By Àsìkò

The images in “Egun” are the manifestation of a long held desire to revisit formative cultural experiences from the artist’s childhood in Nigeria; encounters with the Egun masquerade.

Looking Out from Within

By Julia Fullerton-Batten

I felt numb but I knew that I couldn’t stand around and do nothing, I decided to document today’s existence as lived now by many people.


By Magali Chesnel

Discover Chesnel’s photographs taken in the Camargue, above the salt marshes of Giraud and Aigues-Mortes, creating a confusion between reality and illusion, photography and painting.

The Wine Dark Sea

By Hew Locke

A ship is a symbolic object; vessel of the soul, means of escape, both safety and danger. No crew are visible—the boats themselves stand for crew and passengers.


Manifestations of the Unseen

By Seb Janiak

This series makes use only of the manifestation of unseen forces. The imaging of the manifestation of these unseen forces undergoes no digital transformation in the photographs.

Dutch Landscapes

By Mishka Henner

A landscape occasionally punctuated by sharp aesthetic contrasts between secret sites and the rural and urban environments surrounding them.

Game Over

By Maria Wasilewska

Creating her spatial models, Maria Wasilewska tries to create a physically and mentally consistent unity, which may contain some particle of information about the world.

Limit (less)

By Mikael Owunna

After enduring years of alienation from his Nigerian heritage, Owunna began Limit(less) to reclaim his African-ness and queerness on his own terms.



By Medina Dugger

Dugger’s images feature the veil primarily in an abstract sense, observing its forms, patterns, colors, and its contribution to identity, self-expression, and style. 

Art & Healing

Curated by Rusudan Zabakhidze 

Emphasis on mental health has resulted in a de-taboo process of the associated challenges. Visual arts contributes towards healing and raising awareness about these issues.

Second Chance, Last Chance

Curated by Hélène B. Ducros

The scavenger-artists showcased here not only modify the status of waste, but also brace a pedagogical movement vital to the subsistence of the planet.

Perpetual Identities

By Katya Traboulsi

1975 Lebanon is in flames and I am fifteen. For my birthday, I receive the empty sleeve of a mortar shell, which I automatically place on a shelf.

Markazi: A Camp at Crossroads

By Nathalie Peutz

Nadia Benchallal’s photographs depict the camp’s predominantly Yemeni residents navigating a state of increasingly permanent suspension.

Closed Doorways, Barred Windows

By Mohamad Hafez

A Syrian born artist depicts cities besieged by civil war to capture the magnitude of the devastation and to expose the fragility of human life.

Living Architectures

By Carlo Cafferini

Throughout the ages, architecture has been used as a way to express a wide range of concepts, reflecting the historical, political, and religious beliefs of the period.

Beauty and Waste

Curated by Nicole Shea and Kayla Maiuri

This art series illustrates both the phenomenal beauty of water and the pollution that has washed upon our shores at the hands of humankind.


By Jesse Krimes

A Philadelphia-based artist whose work explores power, authority, systems, social hierarchies, norms, transgressions, and conventions of beauty.


Curated by Nicole Shea

Artists Hank Willis Thomas and Yosman Botero call awareness to racism and police brutality, pulling viewers into unarmed victim cases and making them witnesses to inequality.


Peas in Queues

Curated by Nicole Shea

Tjalf Sparnaay’s oil paintings highlight the beauty of the contemporary commonplace while David Hicks draws his inspiration from the beauty of farm lands surrounding his home.

Kayla Maiuri; Hands Tied

Hands Tied

Curated by Kayla Maiuri and Nicole Shea

Through the works of Kim Noble and Jorge Tacla, “Hands Tied” tackles questions of identity and the throes of mental illness, ultimately illustrating the beauty that can be discovered.

New Life

Curated by Nicole Shea

While Xin Song’s work highlights the ancient folk art tradition of paper-cutting, her collages made from recycled magazines also cut through modern consumerism and wastefulness.


Curated by Nicole Shea

The modern metropolis thrives on the creativity of its citizens, with the arts and culture as revitalizing forces.

Personal Space

Curated by Kayla Maiuri

In this photography series, we showcase the works of three emerging Finnish artists, Anni Hanén, Kimmo Metsäranta, and Jaakko Kahilaniemi.


Kayla Maiuri; It Dwells Within; EuropeNow; EuropeNow Journal

It Dwells Within

Curated by Kayla Maiuri

Through the works of three African-European artists, “It Dwells Within” depicts the contemporary and historical relationship between Europe and Africa.

Home and (Be)Longing

Curated by Nicole Shea

The perception of a safe home is closely linked with the populist view that women’s “intended role” is at home, as dutiful wife and mother.

In Motion

Curated by Nicole Shea

This series features three Bulgarian-born artists who experienced the Iron Curtain and the fall of the Berlin Wall. Motion and movement connect the works.

Managed Futures

Curated by Nicole Shea

Depicting illusion, greed, and over-consumption, both artists wrestle with the impact that financial delusions have on the human psyche.

In Between and Far Above

Curated by Nicole Shea

These artists tackle stereotypes and prejudices, focusing on the cultural capital of immigration and the ambition for a better life.

Paradise Inn

By Marinos Tsagkarakis

This photo series aims to highlight the consequences of a massive and uncontrolled tourist development.

Performative Polyphonies

Curated by Felix Meyer-Christian

The Berlin and Hamburg based COSTA COMPAGNIE was founded in 2009 as an collaboration of interdisciplinary working emerging artists.

Monumenting in the Present

Curated by Manca Bajec

The question of voyeurism and victimization of narrative often comes into question when artists are working with topics of war.

Berlin Bhf

By Anna Tihanyi

The scenes take place in different interiors of a fictive Berlin, showing feelings and relations through moments of transition, and emphasizing that the image is frozen in time.

Lands of No-Return

By Viktoria Sorochinski

This series portrays the last remains of the authentic Ukrainian villages and their elderly inhabitants.

Cast No Evil

By Alia Ali

The multi-media artist invites the viewer to analyze their subjective perception in regards to inclusion and exclusion, and the threshold in which the transition between the two occurs.

Field Nodes

By Sarita Zaleha

Zaleha’s creative research explores environmental agency and our emotional engagement with the environment.