Call for Submissions

With each EuropeNow issue, we aim to provide a more complete understanding of various political and academic topics by combining a unique blend of genres and perspectives—namely research, commentary, literature, and the arts.

We are currently seeking submissions of commentary, literary nonfiction, fiction, and poetry for our Holiday Issue (Dec 2017/Jan 2018), which will consist of the following special features:


1. Security and Immigration in Eastern Europe: Since the beginning of the “refugee crisis” in 2015/16, the theme of migrants and cultural/religious diversity has become intertwined with concepts of security, conflict prevention, and anti-terrorist determent. In many eastern European countries, we even see official polities that produce side-effects to re-marginalize minority groups by socio-cultural, economic, and religious- or life-style-based dynamics of “othering.” This special feature will shed light on the social and political dynamics behind these links between minorities, cultural diversity, and security issues. We welcome submissions of commentary and literature.

2. Contemporary Bulgarian Literature: For this special feature, we welcome submissions of translated poetry, fiction, and literary nonfiction, as well as English-language poetry, fiction, and nonfiction that pertains to Bulgaria.


Submissions should be sent to Please review our General Submission Guidelines before submitting your piece.
Submissions close Sunday, November 20 at 11:59 pm EST.