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Issue 42 | July 2021

  Commentary “Europe’s Pandemic Failure” by Stuart MacKintosh “Querdenker, Querfront, and QAnon: On the German Far Right and Its American Occupation” by Joseph Keady Interviews “Historical Perspectives on January 6, 2021: A Conversation with Esther Adaire and Steve Remy” by Elizabeth Jones Visual Art “Flying with Seagulls” and “Sea Activities in Brittany” by Magali Chesnel Fiction Four Minutes by Nataliya Deleva, translated from the Bulgarian by Izidora Angel Book Reviews The Inheritance, reviewed by Caroline DeVane Of Sex and


A Ada Engebrigtsen Adam Brown Adam Zagajewski Adéla Gjuričová Adriana Chira Adriana Hunter Adrien Fauve Agata Lisiak Agnes Desarthe Ágnes Gergely Agnieszka Kulesa Agostino Petrillo Ahmed Bouanani Alan Lew Alan Renwick Alain Duplouy  Alberto Turkstra Alejandro J. Gomez-del-Moral Aleksandr Iakovlevich Gudov Alena Pfoser Alessandra Russo Alessandro Giammei Alexander McConnell Alexander Sager Alexandra Ba-Tin Alexandra Bousiou Alexandra Campbell-Ferrari Alexandre de Sousa Carvalho Aleksandra Pomiecko Alexandra Roesch Alexandra Salmela Alexandra-Maria Bocse Alexandros Kyriakidis Alexis Almeida Alexis Morgan