Nicole Shea


Nicole Shea is the Executive Director of the Council for European Studies at Columbia University (CES) and the Executive Editor and Founder of the journal EuropeNow, a global publication for a broad, multi-disciplinary educated audience with a current but growing monthly readership of 100,000. She oversees the renowned annual International Conference of Europeanists, the prestigious Mellon-Dissertation Completion Fellowships, among others, and supports 16 Research Networks, including those addressing European Culture, Immigration and Social Movements. Shea was recently elected Chair of COST Action 18204 “Dynamics of Placemaking and Digitization in Europe’s cities,” which aims to empower citizens to contribute with citizen`s knowledge, digitization and placemaking to diverse ways of interpreting local identities in European cities. She the author of The Politics of Prostitution in ‘Berlin Alexanderplatz’ and the editor of The Many Voices of Europe: Mobility and Migration in Contemporary Europe. Her most recent article focuses on German Expressionist writer Emmy Hennings and her role in Women in German Expressionism: Gender, Sexuality, Activism. She holds a PhD in Comparative Literature from Binghamton University.