Artist Spotlight: Sheila Smith

EuropeNow Can you tell us a little about yourself and about the kind of art you create?

Sheila Smith I am currently a digital photography artist. I own about five cameras (nikon and Canon) which I have used for over forty years. However, I now use my I-Phone6 plus only. It takes wonderful photos and is much lighter to carry. Another advantage is that I can photograph people in the street without them knowing that I’m photographing them.

EuropeNow Can you tell us a little about the piece you donated for this auction?

Sheila Smith It is from a series that I did in the N.Y.C. subways. It is a train approaching the platform. It was selected to be shown in a digital exhibit at the Louvre Museum in Paris in 2015.

EuropeNow Was there a single moment when you decided to pursue your passion for art?

Sheila Smith I started copying very good replicas of cartoons in the Sunday newspapers. I was seven years old. I didn’t make a conscious decision, but I loved drawing them.

EuropeNow Who shaped your development as an artist the most?

Sheila Smith My dear friend Leonard Rosenfeld, deceased. He was a fantastic artist during the Abstract Expressionist movement. I met him when I was twelve years old. He was my best friend’s older brother.

EuropeNow Do you have a favorite non-art activity that connects you to your art in a meaningful way?

Sheila Smith I love going to the ballet. For me it looks like live painting. The way the dancers move is astounding.


Sheila Smith 

Lillian Klein is the programs coordinator at the Council for European Studies. She holds a B.A. in literature with a minor in religious studies from Barnard College, as well as an M.F.A. in fiction from Columbia University. Previously, Lillian assisted in the Memberships, Programs, and Awards Department at PEN America Center. She also served as a teaching fellow at Paris American Academy’s writing program for two consecutive summers.

Christie’s Education (CE) New York has entered into a collaborative partnership with the Council for European Studies at Columbia University (CES). A first joint project is a forthcoming online auction, the proceeds of which will be used to create a new scholarship to be awarded to a CES-CE applicant. The featured work in this article has been donated to the online auction, which will take place in December 2017.


Published on September 14, 2017.


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